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Running an MOT station has its rewards and if you’re thinking of doing just that, then first and foremost, you or your intended manager must be qualified as an MOT Test Centre Manager. Not only can we provide the training and assessment to achieving the qualification, we can also guide you on the more effective routes to gaining a station and the maintaining the standard of it’s day to day running.

Running an MOT Station
Here you will find the DVSA and DFT information on;

Being represented
Setting up an MOT test station
Opening or changing an MOT test station
Managing an MOT test station
The MOT testing service MOT slots
Staying up to date

Apply to open, run or change an MOT Station
You may hear this application being called a VT01 form. This is what is needed when you wish to open, run or change an MOT station. The form itself can be tricky as there are many different sections for different requirements. Remember to check the form guidance for details on which section is relevant to you and what documents you will need to provide with your application. Feel free to bring your form in to our centre during our Free Drop in clinic for extra guidance on completing clearly and correctly.
I want to start the application process but I haven’t completed the MOT Test Management training yet
Most applications can be submitted with an official confirmation that the relevant training has been booked with a date to be attended. However the process will not be complete until the final certificate is presented to the DVSA.
Application guidance
The guidance tells you how to fill in the application form to: Apply to become an authorised examiner (AE) – a sole trader, partnership or limited company authorised to run an MOT testing station Tell the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) about a change in your details or circumstances Change your AE designated manager (the person in charge of MOT testing in your business) Apply to set up a new MOT testing station Apply to take on an existing MOT testing station Make a change to a current MOT testing station, including changing classes of vehicle it can test, or changing test equipment It has all information on; Who can fill in the form Which type of application you’re making
Running a n MOT station to DVSA standards is a fairly big task. Most people could benefit from a helping hand, especially if they’re a busy MOT tester as well. We try to look after our candidates as much as we can tending to requested advice here and there and answering every day questions. Our MOT Consultancy packages are an extension of that guidance and support, in much more detail , that can be tailored to suit the needs of the management. You don’t need to have trained with us to benefit from our expertise as these packages are accessible to all.